Part I – CRM in the Wire and Obstruction Environment

The “Crew Resource Management and Flying in the Wire and Obstruction Environment Course” is a multi-media seminar acclaimed by professional airplane and helicopter operators world-wide. It gives low-level flight crews the essential skills needed to safely operate an aircraft in wire and obstruction environments.

A brief overview of the topics covered during the course are as follows:

  • The “Basic Awareness” low-level flight crews must have and maintain while operating in the wire and obstruction environment.
  • How to identify the hazards associated with wire and obstruction accidents.
  • Understanding your exposure to the wire and obstruction environment.
  • Crew Resource Management (What the pilot and crew members need to do in order to act together as a team in the wire and obstruction environment).
  • Why the crew member is so important regarding safety during low-level operations.
  • The responsibilities of each crew member.
  • In-flight communications about wire and obstructions.
  • Where the wire and obstruction environment really is.
  • Dynamics of the wire environments.
  • Traps waiting for untrained low-level flight crews.
  • Visibility Engineering (What you can and can’t see and why).
  • How flight crews can forecast the presence of wire long before they can actually see it.
  • Illusions while operating in the wire environment (What causes them and how to manage them).
  • The high “wire” reconnaissance (How is it different from the normal recon?)
  • Additional dangers during low-level operations.
  • How useful are today’s obstruction marking schemes.