TAQ presents a number of training courses and seminars both independently and in association with our Joint Venture partner Utilities Aviation Specialists Inc.  We are available to tailor, coordinate and present customised training programmes to meet individual requirements.

CRM and pilot decision making in the low level and wire environment

 Please note:

  • Australian Rural Fire Service (RFS) have confirmed that evidence of attendance at this course (attendance certificate) will be accepted as meeting their contract CRM requirements.
  • The CRM component of this course will meet the Ambulance NZ Standards accreditation requirement for CRM training.
  • Evidence of attendance at this course will continue to satisfy the Transpower Service Specifications TPSS 02.08 Use of helicopters (Issue 4 June 2011) requirement for specific wire strike avoidance training.
  • Evidence of attendance at this course will satisfy the requirements of the new NRFA Standards for the use of aircraft at Wildfires.

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